2002 Ford Expedition Xlt 5.4L Engine misfires, no power, stall sometimes.

Posted by mellassi on January 16, 2014 under Domestic | Be the First to Comment

Use a scan tool to isolate the cylinder that has a misfire, it could be more then one, then move the cylinder ignition coil to another cylinder, and check again . if the misfire follows, replace the coil. Also it is recommended to replace the spark plugs.

-If the misfire does not follow the coil, move the cylinder’s injector to another cylinder. If the misfire follow, replace that injector.

-If both coil and injector are OK, check power and ground while misfire to the coil and injector to that bad cylinder,if there’s no power or ground , check wire harness.

-If all coils, plugs, injectors, circuitry are proven OK, suspect internal engine fault, begin compression and running compression tests to isolate.