Mass Airflow (M A F) sensor for 1997 G M C Savanna 1500 5.7 L Trouble code P 0102 .

Posted by mellassi on March 15, 2014 under Domestic | Be the First to Comment

Code P0102 is for Mass Airflow sensor malfunction.

1- Check for power on the pink wire with the key on. if no power, check fuses or wire breakage.

2-check for ground on the black wire. if missing, possible ground wire broke at the harness, repair wire.

3- With the key on, and the MAF sensor unplugged, at the yellow wire, check for 5 volt reference from the Powertrain Control Module(PCM).

If both power and ground are present, replace the Mass Airflow Sensor.

In my case, power and ground are OK. On the yellow wire i had 0.7 v reference from the PCM.

I replace a used computer, problem fix.

when replacing the ECM, make sure to swap the Eprom located on the old ECM to the new one.

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