2000 Honda CR-V EX 2.0 L The Idle Surge up and down

Posted by mellassi on November 24, 2014 under Imports | Be the First to Comment

why Idle problems :

1. When idle surge occurs, remove the air boot from the throttle body, block the throttle body and verify that the engine will stall.

2. Verify that the power steering switch reads correctly on the scan tool. The power steering switch should change when the wheels are turned all the way. The switch should read open with high power steering pressure.

3. Next, block the air port for the Idle Air Control (IAC) valve in the throttle body and see if the idle slows down and the surging stops. If the idle slows down, verify that there is hot coolant to the IAC valve.

4. Next, verify that the duty control on the Black/Blue (BLK/BLU) wire for the IAC valve is the same or less when the engine idles normally or when it idles high and surges. If the duty control is OK, then check for a sticking or faulty IAC valve.

The idle Air Control valve is located in back of the intake.

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