2002 Dodge Durango slt 4.7L speedometer does not work

Posted by mellassi on January 16, 2014 under Domestic | Be the First to Comment

Found trouble code P0500 using a scan tool.

1-Check the resistance of the rear speed sensor on the rear differential. It should be 1500-2500 ohms.

2- If OK, check the wiring harness for bad connectors and for opens and shorts.

replace speed sensor as necessary.

To do so, raise the vehicle on hoist, remove brake line mounting nut and remove the brake line from the sensor stud. then, remove mounting stud from the sensor and shield. Remove sensor and shield from differential housing, and then disconnect sensor wire

harness and remove sensor.


download (3)download (2)


to install it do the following:

1-Connect harness to sensor. Be sure seal is securely in place between sensor and wiring connector.

2-Install O-ring on sensor (if removed).

3-Insert sensor in differential housing.

4-Install sensor shield.

5-Install the sensor mounting stud and tighten to 24 N·m (200 in. lbs.).

6-Install the brake line on the sensor stud and install the nut.

7-Lower vehicle.