Headlight bulb replacement on 2005 Cadillac CTS

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Headlight bulb Removal procedure:

1-you need to raise and support the front of the vehicle.

2-Remove the two front tires.

3-Remove the push-pin retainers on the cover by the tires.

4-open the hood and remove the push-pin retainers that secure the side of the grill to the upper tie bar

5-Remove the bolt that secures the front fascia to the fender.

6-Loosen the 2 bolts that attaches the front fascia to the fender.

7-Gently pill the front fascia downward to disengage it from the front fender.

8-Remove the 3 bolts that secure the headlight assembly to the vehicle.

9-Pull the headlight straight forward to disengage the headlight ball stud from the fender socket.

10-Reach behind the headlight to disconnect the headlight electrical connector.

11-Pull the top part of the front fascia and grille assembly forward only far enough to remove the headlight assembly from the vehicle.

12-Remove the headlight assembly from the vehicle.

13-Remove the headlight bulb cover from the headlight assembly, and replace the headlight bulb.

Installation procedure:


1-Install the bulb to the headlight assembly.

2-Install the headlight bulb cover to the headlight assembly.

3-Install the headlight assembly.

4-Pull the top of the front fascia and grille forward to install the headlight to the vehicle.

5-Install the headlight assembly to the vehicle.

6-Reach behind the headlight assembly to connect the headlight electrical connectors.


7-Press headlight assembly rearward to engage the headlight ball stud  into the fender socket.

8-Install the 3 bolts to secure the headlight to the vehicle.

9-Lift the fascia upward in order to insert the fascia studs into the fender key slots.

10-Slide the fascia rearward to attach the fascia to the fender.

11-Install the bolt  to secure the fascia to the fender.

12-Install the front fascia extension to the vehicle.

13-Install the push-pin retainers to secure the upper portion of the front fascia and grille to the upper tie bar.

Watch this Youtube video:

This is the same procedure when replacing cornering, side marker, park and turn signal