window regulator replacement on Chevy Silverado

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How to replace window regulator Chevy Silverado, Suburban, GMC Sierra, Yukon XL

Headlight bulb replacement on 2005 Cadillac CTS

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Headlight bulb Removal procedure:

1-you need to raise and support the front of the vehicle.

2-Remove the two front tires.

3-Remove the push-pin retainers on the cover by the tires.

4-open the hood and remove the push-pin retainers that secure the side of the grill to the upper tie bar

5-Remove the bolt that secures the front fascia to the fender.

6-Loosen the 2 bolts that attaches the front fascia to the fender.

7-Gently pill the front fascia downward to disengage it from the front fender.

8-Remove the 3 bolts that secure the headlight assembly to the vehicle.

9-Pull the headlight straight forward to disengage the headlight ball stud from the fender socket.

10-Reach behind the headlight to disconnect the headlight electrical connector.

11-Pull the top part of the front fascia and grille assembly forward only far enough to remove the headlight assembly from the vehicle.

12-Remove the headlight assembly from the vehicle.

13-Remove the headlight bulb cover from the headlight assembly, and replace the headlight bulb.

Installation procedure:


1-Install the bulb to the headlight assembly.

2-Install the headlight bulb cover to the headlight assembly.

3-Install the headlight assembly.

4-Pull the top of the front fascia and grille forward to install the headlight to the vehicle.

5-Install the headlight assembly to the vehicle.

6-Reach behind the headlight assembly to connect the headlight electrical connectors.


7-Press headlight assembly rearward to engage the headlight ball stud  into the fender socket.

8-Install the 3 bolts to secure the headlight to the vehicle.

9-Lift the fascia upward in order to insert the fascia studs into the fender key slots.

10-Slide the fascia rearward to attach the fascia to the fender.

11-Install the bolt  to secure the fascia to the fender.

12-Install the front fascia extension to the vehicle.

13-Install the push-pin retainers to secure the upper portion of the front fascia and grille to the upper tie bar.

Watch this Youtube video:

This is the same procedure when replacing cornering, side marker, park and turn signal

How to change turn signal switch on 93 Buick Roadmaster

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1993 Buick Roadmaster 5.7 L

Vehicle application :

1994 caprice 5.7, 1995 Monte Carlo 3.4, 1995 Cutlass supreme 3.4

turn signal switch problems:

car came with no brake lights operation. Third brake light works fine.


1-check voltage to turn signal switch on white wire when the brake pedal is depressed.

if no voltage, suspect the brake light switch.

2-with brake pedal depressed, check for voltage out of turn signal switch on the green and yellow wires.

this is the wiring diagram for brake and turn signal circuit:

brake wiring diagram 93 Buick roadmaster


1- Disconnect battery cables.

2-Remove Air bag.

3-Remove cover under dashboard.

4-Unplug turn signal switch.

5-Remove steering column (use steering column and locker plate tool).

6-Remove Airbag switch.

7-Remove Locker plate.

8-Remove turn signal switch and pull it through steering column.


To install it, reverse removal  order.

Watch this YouTube video:

2001 Chevrolet silverado crank no start

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Crank no start :


1- Check the Fuel Pressure when cranking, should be around 60 PSI. if no fuel pressure, possible fuel pump failure.

2-Check for good spark at a couple of plug wires when cranking.

in my truck, no spark at the wire, but there is spark coming out the ignition coil, the problem is in ignition cap and rotor.



cap and rotor

Mass Airflow (M A F) sensor for 1997 G M C Savanna 1500 5.7 L Trouble code P 0102 .

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Code P0102 is for Mass Airflow sensor malfunction.

1- Check for power on the pink wire with the key on. if no power, check fuses or wire breakage.

2-check for ground on the black wire. if missing, possible ground wire broke at the harness, repair wire.

3- With the key on, and the MAF sensor unplugged, at the yellow wire, check for 5 volt reference from the Powertrain Control Module(PCM).

If both power and ground are present, replace the Mass Airflow Sensor.

In my case, power and ground are OK. On the yellow wire i had 0.7 v reference from the PCM.

I replace a used computer, problem fix.

when replacing the ECM, make sure to swap the Eprom located on the old ECM to the new one.

PCM GMC 1500 (mass airflow problems) pcm gmc 1500 (mass airflow problems)

1995 Dodge Ram 1500 5.2L no headlights

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Customer came in for no headlight operation, he already change 2 light bulbs.

check headlamps fuse, if ok pull the headlight switch out and check for battery voltage coming out on the light green wire in the head light position.

verify there is a battery voltage  present at the switch on the red/white wire.

headlight switch     IMG_0426

watch this YouTube video :

1997 ford explorer 4.0L the horn does not work

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First step is to check fuses in the power distribution box. If fuse is OK, check horn itself and see if it has good ground and power voltage when the horn is depressed. If power an ground are OK, replace the horn.

If ground is missing, fix ground wire, if power is missing check the horn relay and make sure it has ground on the Y/LG wire when the horn switch is depressed. If it does , check for 12v on the Dark Blue (DB) wire while the Y/LG is grounded. If there is no voltage, replace the horn relay.

If the Y/LG wire is not grounded when the horn switch is depressed, the problem is at the horn switch.

2002 Dodge Durango slt 4.7L speedometer does not work

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Found trouble code P0500 using a scan tool.

1-Check the resistance of the rear speed sensor on the rear differential. It should be 1500-2500 ohms.

2- If OK, check the wiring harness for bad connectors and for opens and shorts.

replace speed sensor as necessary.

To do so, raise the vehicle on hoist, remove brake line mounting nut and remove the brake line from the sensor stud. then, remove mounting stud from the sensor and shield. Remove sensor and shield from differential housing, and then disconnect sensor wire

harness and remove sensor.


download (3)download (2)


to install it do the following:

1-Connect harness to sensor. Be sure seal is securely in place between sensor and wiring connector.

2-Install O-ring on sensor (if removed).

3-Insert sensor in differential housing.

4-Install sensor shield.

5-Install the sensor mounting stud and tighten to 24 N·m (200 in. lbs.).

6-Install the brake line on the sensor stud and install the nut.

7-Lower vehicle.

2002 Ford Expedition Xlt 5.4L Engine misfires, no power, stall sometimes.

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Use a scan tool to isolate the cylinder that has a misfire, it could be more then one, then move the cylinder ignition coil to another cylinder, and check again . if the misfire follows, replace the coil. Also it is recommended to replace the spark plugs.

-If the misfire does not follow the coil, move the cylinder’s injector to another cylinder. If the misfire follow, replace that injector.

-If both coil and injector are OK, check power and ground while misfire to the coil and injector to that bad cylinder,if there’s no power or ground , check wire harness.

-If all coils, plugs, injectors, circuitry are proven OK, suspect internal engine fault, begin compression and running compression tests to isolate.