2008 Volkswagen passat 2.0T Engine makes a whistle noise

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Usually the whistle noise is due to large amount of a vacuum leak in the crankcase.

-There are 2 crankcase breather valves (PCV system) used on this engine. One is located on the valve cover of the engine and the other is located within the oil filter housing (intake manifold must be removed to replace oil filter housing). These valves control crankcase ventilation.

-If either the valve cover breather valve diaphragm or the oil filter housing breather valve fails, manifold vacuum can be introduced to the crankcase causing idle quality issues as well as various lean condition codes.

-Remove the dipstick and check for excessive crankcase vacuum (more than 1″ Hg). If excessive crankcase vacuum is present, block off the vacuum tube to the valve cover breather valve to eliminate the vacuum source. If crankcase vacuum is now normal, the valve cover breather valve is faulty and the breather must be replaced.

– If there is no change from blocking the valve cover vacuum source, locate the vacuum tube to the oil filter housing. Disconnect the tube at the housing and block off the vacuum from the intake manifold. If the crankcase vacuum is now normal, the oil filter housing must be replaced.

-In some cases a loud whining or moaning noise from the rear of the engine can be heard (has been described as a noise from the transmission as well). This is caused by the vacuum in the crankcase pulling air past the rear main seal. When the noise occurs, remove the oil fill cap and if the noise disappears, then either of the crankcase breather valves may be faulty and should be tested as described above.

a common problem with these car is the valve cover breather valve.

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