2001 Volvo S40 1.9L does not start

Posted by mellassi on January 20, 2014 under Imports | Be the First to Comment

Engine will not crank over

1-check for any flushing lights in the instrument cluster, if yes, anti theft problem, you may try another key.

2-. Check fuse 11A/13 (for model year 2000 vehicles) or 11A/11 (for 2001 and newer models). If this is blown, check the wiring underneath the spark plug/ignition coil cover.

3-2. At the starter relay, check for power on terminal 3 at all times. Check for power on terminal 1 with the key in the crank position. If there is no power from the ignition switch, remove and attempt to turn with a small screwdriver. If it will crank, replace the steering wheel lock (tumbler assembly). If there is no power out of the ignition switch on terminal 4 (Green wire) with the switch in the crank position, replace the ignition switch.

4-Jump terminals 3 and 5. The engine should crank.

5- If the engine cranks, check for ground on terminal 2. Ground is supplied through the Gear Position Sensor (GPS) and the immobilizer.

6-If there is never a ground from the immobilizer control module, ensure key being used is programmed to the vehicle.try  another key; check trouble codes in the immobilizer.


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