1996 Honda accord lx start for 3-5 seconds and stall

Posted by mellassi on January 15, 2014 under Imports | Be the First to Comment

most common problems with Honda  is the PGM-FI (programmed Fuel Injection) main relay.

1. make sure the dash light work . if not, check  battery voltage to the Black/Yellow wire off the ignition switch,if there is no power, change ignition switch.

2.check fuel pressure,if there is no pressure, then verify there is good battery voltage from the PGM-FI main relay to the fuel pump and if there is low voltage suspect the PGM-FI main relay.

the PGM-FI cost about 35.00 at most auto parts stores , and it is easy to replace. it is located under the driver side dash board ,by the steering column.

pgm-fi honda accordpgm-fi main relay


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