1995 Dodge Ram 1500 5.2L no headlights

Posted by mellassi on February 8, 2014 under Domestic | 2 Comments to Read

Customer came in for no headlight operation, he already change 2 light bulbs.

check headlamps fuse, if ok pull the headlight switch out and check for battery voltage coming out on the light green wire in the head light position.

verify there is a battery voltage  present at the switch on the red/white wire.

headlight switch     IMG_0426

watch this YouTube video :

  • polaciouskolanskis said,

    What made you know you needed a head Light switch my back tail lights want come on but my headlights work and my dash board light is out do you have any idea what it could be

  • polaciouskolanskis said,

    I move the light switch knob and it came back on once

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